What We Stand For

Our Mission

To provide scholarship resources to high school students in the Greater Richmond Area, allowing them to attend post-secondary education while acquiring as little to no debt as possible.

Our Vision

To ensure all post-secondary minded high school students have the community knowledge, resources, contacts, and scholarships to map a debt-free road to postsecondary success.

Our Values

The Corporation shall incorporate the following values: 

1. Service 

a. Make decisions as servant leaders in the GRA community.  

b. Find the win-win solutions throughout the GRA community between the  Corporation, individuals, and organizations.  

2. Commitment 

a. Work with a passion towards accomplishing the Corporation’s mission and vision  whilst upholding the Corporation’s values.  

b. Devote all Corporation operations towards the betterment of the GRA  community.  

3. Empowerment 

a. Furnish students with the financial power to attend postsecondary education.

b. Equip students with the intellectual knowledge and skills to acquire minimal debt  in their postsecondary educational endeavors. 

4. Integrity 

a. Uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in all Corporation operations.

b. Maintain public transparency as a community-based Corporation.