Our History

As a senior in high school, Dakota Jennings, our Executive Director, dedicated himself to scholarships like any other AP or dual enrollment course. As such, Dakota managed to acquire over $220,000 in scholarships for college. After graduating in 2018, Dakota returned to J.R. Tucker high school to give quarterly scholarship presentations to Advance College Academy juniors, seniors, and their parents. Finally in December of 2020, Dakota realized he wanted to expand his impact to the entire Greater Richmond Area and share his extensive scholarship knowledge with the entire community. However, he knew he could not do it alone. He started to strategize his vision with his twin Dylan Jennings, currently our Director of Administration and Finance. Soon, one vision became two which then became a vision shared by the closest of friends: seven fellow Tucker Tigers.

“Do what you love with who you love.”

Dakota Jennings

After confirming everyone’s interest, we soon all met at a local Panera Bread to brainstorm and kickoff our very own nonprofit, Student2Scholar. Starting off so small, we developed a working Board of Directors. Dakota naturally became Executive Director while Dylan, highly disciplined, organized, and money-conscious, became our Director of Administration and Finance. The energetic and highly personable Terrae McCann and Michael Jackson took on Director and Assistant Director of Community Outreach and Engagement respectively. Janéa Tyler, already an established Marketing professional, became our Director of Marketing and Communications, and last but not least, Kellen Johnson and Farai Madzudzo, both technical specialists, became highly specialized Data Analysts for the organization. These are our Founders.

Since then, Student2Scholar has became a federal and state recognized nonprofit awaiting 501c(3) status. In three months, Student2Scholar has developed a comprehensive team, website, social media platform, and kickstarter fund, even offering our very own $1000 community scholarship in Spring 2021.

In only four months, Student2Scholar has become a visible part of the Greater Richmond Area community. Next, we plan on making history.


  • December 2020

    Student2Scholar has its initial Founder’s meeting

  • January 2021

    Student2Scholar becomes a federal and state recognized nonprofit

  • April 2021

    Student2Scholar launches its first community scholarship

  • May 2021

    Student2Scholar classifies as a 501(c)(3) non-profit

  • June 2021

    Student2Scholar awards its first community scholarship