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The Evolution of Education with Pegah, Star, and Brandon

It’s a complex time in education.

Politicized school boards, intense debates surrounding curriculum, a massive teacher shortage, piling compensatory services for students with disabilities, chronic absenteeism, a mental health crisis, and unfinished learning are just a handful of challenges for educators right now.

But, as Brandon says in the episode, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Meet Pegah, Star, and Brandon – 3 Coke Scholars leading positive change in education:

Even in the face of immense hurdles, they are optimistic about the future and innovation in the field.

In the fifth episode of The SIP, the trio discuss learning beyond remediation and through opportunity, partnering with community organizations to enhance student support, making equity more than just a buzz word at both a systems level and for individuals, and so much more.

The episode is introduced by Aisha Chebbi (2020).

Watch a video of Pegah, Star, and Brandon recording this episode here with captions.

The SIP, short for The Coke Scholars Ignite Podcast, shares a taste of the Coke Scholars around the world who are igniting positive change.

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